Nice Is As Nice Does

Daily Post Prompt: Nice Is As Nice Does


What is the nicest thing that I’ve ever done? I had to ponder this question. I’m not really the nicest person. To be honest, the last time i donated any money was to the girl scouts. That was mostly because girl scout cookies just happen to be super addicting.

But I did think of something….

I live in Texas and if you didn’t already know, Texas is hot during the summer. I was coming home from a concert in Dallas. I had spent the majority of Hell Yeah playing¬†from the grass knoll with a handfan and ice in my bra. I’m a lovely victim of overheating. That should paint the picture of how damn hot this day was.

Anyway, the concert was awesome.

On the way home we got stuck at a traffic light in a heavily populated area for homeless people. A man was standing on the corner holding his sign and sweating. I’ve heard the whole campaign of, “don’t support the homeless people.”but if it was hot to me, it was damned hot for someone who had no where cool to go.

I relinquished my fan, extra batteries, water bottle, and $5.00.

That might not seem like a lot, but the man was able to cool down, gulp some water and had $5.00 for food, or whatever he wanted.

I’m not telling this story because¬†kindness doesn’t have to be something extravagant, but came come in the simplest of forms.