Captive’s Choice

Daily Prompt Link: Captive’s Choice


I was given the option, and in that moment I was surprised that I would even be given the choice to pick my destination..  I quickly tried to run through a list of what could happen at each location, and the aspect of being locked in a large building was the most terrifying, my mind instantly began to draw pictures of zombie movies and other horrifying creatures. Given the situation that I was currently in, I concluded that the building could be closed off from the world even if I managed to escape the darkness, zombies and locked doors. What about gas chambers? Or lazers?

The option of the forest brought forth the images of being hunted. There had to be a reason that I was plucked from my normal existance and asked to make a choice. I decided then that being dropped into the forest sounded similar to the book, “The Most Dangerous Game”, and without a ounce of training, I would die quickly. Like a deer at a feeder barrel. There was a reason I was kidnapped, and I had to make the best choice for myself while expecting the worst.

“The island… is it habitable?” I ask, my voice quivering from fear. My last question had been answered with a closed fist, and I clenched my jaw expected the same treatment. “It’s an island.” said the man across from me inside the helicopter. He was wearing dark sunglasses, and a nice suit in grey. His hair was slicked back and thick black. He reminded me of rich business men, unaffected by anything as long as the money was right. He was conceited, his looks of importance to him. His fresh shaven face in the midst of a¬†kidnapping told me that he had taken the time out to ensure he looked clean and put together.

“The island.” I mumbled.

“Ah, the island. Pilot, she chose the island!” he annouced, and after a few moments, the helicopter shifted and I swallowed the dread that came churring up at his excited annoucement of the island.