Write Here, Write Now

Daily Prompt Post: Write Here Write Now

This is meant to be a tiny piece of conversation in a novel I am working on:

I stare at her in disbelief, and maybe I should pretend that I don’t hear the words that she is shouting at me

The pang that rips into my heart is telling me that I’m right, I shouldn’t listen to her. “You killed our son!” My own voice echoes in the anger of the room.

She scoffs, “Son… there wasnt a gender. It was barely a baby.”

The anger in the room was nothing as intense as the anger that I feel creep into my body. The heat begins to flood into my face, and the veins in my neck begin to pulse loudly. “You heartless whore! That was our child!”

Her laugh sounds out in the room. It is her sarcastic laugh, more like a cackling witch. I remember that laugh from days of old, back in highschool. “I was seventeen, and you disappeared over night. I’ve paid for my sins, while you…you ran away.” I watch her stand, her head held high, an arrogance that I had missed for so long and tonight find agitating. “Jeremiah, don’t insult me again. You don’t know anything about me anymore, people change. Time sees to that.”



Daily Post Link: Progress

When I look back on this blog on January 15th, 2015, I want to see that I have completed my goal of at least trying to write once a week.

I want to be able to see well thought out blogs that are pieces of fictional fun that I can use in my novel writing and brainstorming. I want to see my work and my imagination.

I want to see a blog that has actually been used, and a blog that I will want to continue using.